“Those who plan to do good will be loved and trusted.” Proverbs 14:22 (NLT)

1. Prayerfully

2. Strategically – (Vision)

3. Tactically – (Actions, Time, Metrics)

4. My Roles – (Husband, Dad, Pastor etc)

5. Importance – (avoids the tyranny of the urgent)

6. Conferring – (My family, e-group, my personal assistant, staff and board)

7. Delegation

My plan enables daily evaluation of how I’m moving closer to my purpose and goals with everyone I do life with.

I have a family, personal, preaching, church, denominational, and community calendars merged into one master calendar accessed electronically by my wife and personal assistant.  My wife and I make personal dates private but include them on the master calendar.  This enables my assistant to manage my calendar.  She is a great blessing to both of us and fiercely protective of our family time.

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