Tuesday after Easter

The spring colors are vivid in Georgia.  Azaleas, pink honeysuckle, dogwoods and flowers are in abundance.  I walked along the lakeshore this morning to pray and give thanks for this time away.  Walking up the hill the sunshine was warm on my neck and shoulders and I thought to myself, “What a big difference 800 miles can make.”

Can you imagine what a huge difference it made in the lives of those who loved Jesus when they ate, embraced and laughed after Jesus rose from the dead!  Mary Magdalene goes looking and finds him.  Peter jumps out of a fishing boat to swim and meet Jesus.  Thomas no longer doubts after meeting him! 

The distance between freedom, purpose, life and slavery, purposelessness, and death is only a confession of faith!  What took place Good Friday and Easter morning makes all the difference in the world.  Why not seek God’s love revealed in Christ?  Why not jump in and swim in the sea of God’s goodness?  Why not stop doubting but trust that God’s plans and purposes for you are all good!

“When Peter heard that it was the Lord, he … jumped into the water, and headed to the shore.” John 21:7 (NLT)

The difference between now and one prayer is life changing!

Peace and Joy!

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