Monday after Easter

How will you spend the days following Easter leading to Pentecost Sunday? 

The Passion Week services have left me with sharper sense of God’s presence.  Each service and the ministries that took place emphasized God’s answer to the depth of evil in our world and the new beginning for us and our world through Christ’s resurrection.

During our prayer vigil Saturday night, I decided to continue to reflect on the events following the Resurrection of Christ and how to continue to celebrate Easter throughout the fifty day period till Pentecost.  The Gospel accounts tell how the Resurrected Jesus before his ascension:

  • broke with social taboos and commissioned women to bear witness to his resurrection
  • prepared breakfast for a disillusioned friend
  • made a journey with two disappointed and confused followers
  • met with some the frightened disciples and helped them to understand the Scriptures and how to read them
  • commissioned his followers

In those accounts the words joy, love and happiness appear along with the words fear, wonder and awestruck.  Do any of these words describe your thoughts and emotions this Easter?  I am looking for those opportunities to live out the new life Christ has given us with others who haven’t got it all together yet.

Easter is not over!  New life is just beginning!

Joy and Peace!

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