Lessons from a Time Management Seminar

Recently I was invited to attend a skillfully presented time management seminar with a group of managers, scientists, salesmen/women, and technicians.  The presenter’s goal was to equip us with effective skills for using our time wisely for family and career.  Towards the conclusion of the day long presentation (time well spent) he told us that one of his employees would follow up with us.  The purpose of course to encourage us to maximize the the use of the principles.  Yesterday, I received my call.  I was out of the office and will return his call this afternoon.  I’m looking forward to it.

The reason is I’m prepared.  

The next day, I transcribed all of my notes.  As I considered the changes suggested to my current method of managing time there was one major benefit, better communication, that kept surfacing.  Those considerations and my notes raised a desire for some more information that led to an email to the presenter and I was pleased with his response three days later.  

It became obvious to me that I had been given an idea that would have positive benefits.

It is taking some preparation for personal change that will affect my administrative assistant and staff for the changes I’m making.  We will all benefit however.  

The changes are a bit of a challenge.  Sometimes I forget and sometimes it’s tempting to fall back on what’s familiar but unproductive.  Implementing the principles has required some cost, two new tools, a learning curve, and initially the time to form new habits.

Since then I’ve met with a friend who has been using these principles for twenty years and we’ve reviewed my merging of those principles with the tools that I currently use.  Implementing these principles with my life mission, ministry, staff and my tools has been a bit of a challenge.  

I’m sharing with some friends what I’ve learned and they seem interested.  Most of them find different reasons that they are interested.  Reasons like leaving the office on time, more time with our families, productivity, communication or simply getting organized.  Those reasons are benefits and to them its good news.

In some ways it reminds me of my faith walk with Christ.  

I’m looking forward to our conversation this afternoon.

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