Woodland Outdoorsmen Wild Game Dinner

Hungry hunters and anglers packed the house at Woodland Church tonight.  The variety of dishes was wide and delicious.  Someone even brought a bowl of greens and I took a generous portion.  The Woodland Outdoorsmen and their wives demonstrated gracious hospitality and gave everyone a warm welcome.  

Chuck and Nan Laginess emceed the event that was planned for those who enjoy the great outdoors.  Rich Beaudrie shared his buck fever attack when he bagged the big one.  He had us laughing as he told us how he shook but made the shot.  Mike Patton and Ed Kasprynski shared their hunting story in one of the season’s worst snow storms but it seems Mike’s wife, Debbie came away with the biggest buck.  The three men concluded their stories about their faith in Christ.  

Dan Adams told us about a snowshoe hunt with a friend.  They got lost but fortunately made it back to the truck before dark.  He told us he made up his mind to never return to the woods with a compass.  Christ is our compass and our light in darkness.  During our prayer time four men committed their lives to Christ.

What a great night!  I’m looking forward to the morning service.

Peace and Joy!

One thought on “Woodland Outdoorsmen Wild Game Dinner

  1. Pastor,what a great night it was! We had so much fun. Our wild game dinner just keeps getting better with every passing year. With the Lord shining brightly with every story being told. Halelujah!

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