Tonight we learned to play a new word game called Quiddler.  I liked it because it was easy to learn, the play was fast with short words which kept our kids from getting bored with the game.  Benjamin won our first game and we played a second round and he won that one too.  Which means he likes the game more.  

With word challenges on some creative spelling and lots of groans and laughter it made for an enjoyable family time.  I think it will also be a good and quick game for friends when you’re inside by a fire or in the Spring sitting by a grill full of hamburgers and corn on the cob!  

You can order the game from Amazon.

However busy or eventful our week may be Thursday is a special time for us.  It’s the break we have looked forward to.  As soon as we come in the door there is a different air about our home.  We are going to relax and enjoy being together without any agenda, except one another.  Typically its a light meal, a game or a movie and then family prayer.  It’s a cool moment when we bow before the Lord together in thanksgiving and prayer before going to bed.  


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