My youngest son, Benjamin, decided a few months ago that I should have a Facebook (FB) account.  He set it up, put some pictures on the account, told the FB community what he thought they should know about me.  When I had “friends” (people with a FB account who want to network with you) that he approved he told me.  We had a great laugh as he walked me through it.

I didn’t think much more it until I got a few phone calls from friends who wanted to know why I had not responded to their friend requests.  After accepting their invitations I left it alone again.  Then I got a email from friend down South who wanted to know why I never logged on to my FB.  He told me, “I’ve told others who have asked me, that D just doesn’t do that sort of thing.”  Then he said, “listen this is a great networking tool and a way to reconnect with people that you love.  Give it a try.”

Sooo…I’m taking it a bit more serious.  I don’t know that I will ever be a serious networker, but I have been encouraged and happy to reconnect with friends that I haven’t heard from in years.  It’s been fun to see their pictures and to see some pictures of Becky and I from years gone by.

Yesterday I heard from a friend of mine who lives on the West Coast.  Becky and I were having a cup of coffee together from Starbucks and when we saw the photo of his wife and him; we started sharing stories from the past and laughing.  Thank God for the joy of good friends.

I’m using FB to stay in touch with friends and I also hope to benefit from the experience and wisdom of others.  In turn I hope to be of help and encouragement to others as well.

“For the sake of my brothers and friends, I will say, ‘Peace be within you.'” Psalm 122:8 (NIV)

Peace and Joy in Christ!

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