Sunday, Day of Joy

Sunday, happens between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The people of God gather in glorious praise from generation to generation to worship the Lord with thanksgiving and praise. This is a day of eternal priceless joy. The “joy of the Lord” is our strength and the Gospel is “good news of great joy.” (See Nehemiah 8:10 and Luke 2:10)

The Good News of Jesus Christ brings the joy that a 40% or 50% off sale promises, but can’t deliver. The Good News satisfies in a way that a delicious meal will never. Jesus’ gift of living water quenches my thirst eternally. I have been filled with the new wine of the Holy Spirit and my cup overflows.

Shop the sales for the gifts you want to give your loved ones. Giving gifts is a truly good. However, remember to give your friends the greatest gift of all, the gift of Jesus!

How? Start your day with thanksgiving, enter the doors of your church with praise, greet and love all people who bear the image of our Heavenly Father, give cheerfully (God loves a cheerful giver), listen and apply the Word of God to your life. Live out the Good News, your life will be a witness to joy. Your life will be like salt and light!

This morning at Woodland Church, Pastor Corey is preaching on friendship. It’s a great way to begin. I love you much!


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