A Time, A Place, and A Plan

“Good morning Father!” That’s is typically the first sentence of my prayer in the morning. It’s an affirmation of faith in God’s promise to me in Christ. It’s the first act of worship at the beginning of the day. After getting out of bed and brewing coffee I go to the same place, it is sacred space.

In that sacred place of space and time I’ve encountered the Lord’s presence. On most days, it is as though He welcomes me into His presence. On other days, prayer and worship is an expression of faith. It is never about feelings, it is always about faith. If you depend upon your feelings, you will never develop constancy in any relationship. Those moments of faith, are divinely designed to draw us closer to God. It is why I want to remind us again today of time, place, and a plan.

If you are a morning person or are more alert in the evening, set a daily appointment in your calendar to worship. If you’re an evening person for example you will go to bed with greater peace in your heart and mind. You will awake with God’s Word having marinated in your heart overnight. However, if like me, you’re a morning man, my day is always shaped by my time in prayer and the Word.

The place is important! When I look at that place in our home, I’m always drawn towards greater intimacy with the Lord. For example when I walk into the sanctuary at Woodland Church, there is always the sense of the presence of God. It is where we gather as a church family to pray, sing, worship, and hear the Word of God.

A plan is important as well. For morning prayer, I use a simple plan of personal, partner (my wife), parent, pastor, and pilgrim. I do use a prayer list to remind me of what I am praying for. I use a lot of scripture verses to pray. My prayer plan keeps me focused and helps my mind not to stray.

Tomorrow, about devotional helps! I hope this encourages you to have a time, place, and a plan for daily worship.


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