Run To Win

“Run to win.” 1 Corinthians 9:24, Message

The Bible encourages us to live life like an athlete running to win a race. In particular in this passage, Paul is referring to his efforts to build relationships with people. Paul was not content for success for sake of comfort, instead he had God’s glory and our eternity in mind. Passionate followers of Christ defy the norms of this world on a Sunday morning to gather for worship. God’s Word nourishes us more than the groceries we purchase. Gathering with like minded believers to worship our Lord refreshes us more than a ball game. Receiving Communion is more encouraging than the morning news! Honoring the Lord’s Day by gathering for worship sets up for our daily wins!

Another reason we gather for worship is to hear the preaching of the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God’s Word understood and applied gives us the fuel to win the race. His love makes us winners. Fear dominates our news and the world at the moment. Fear of the pandemic, politicians who sow fear in order to gain power and votes, fear of foreign governments, and fears of people who are different from one another. P. D. James said, “Perfect love casts out all fear but fear will cast out love.”

Zig Ziglar said that 90% of what we put into our minds on a daily basis is of a negative nature. You can overcome that by daily reading your Bible. Last week a young mother from our congregation sent me a message of how happy she was to be reading the New Believer’s Bible she received at Woodland Church. She referenced the relevance of the Bible to today’s events, how the scriptures were feeding her, and the healing that our world needs from God. Isn’t that cool!

Diet is important to runners who want to win. Food is their fuel. Diet is important to Christians. The Word of God is our food and fuel for life. God’s Word is good news for those who trust in Christ, it’s the antidote to fear.

A woman once said to Evangelist D. L. Moody, “I have found a promise that helps me when I am afraid. It is Psalm 56:3 – ‘What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee.'”

The evangelist replied, “I have a better promise than that! Isaiah 12:2 – ‘I will trust and not be afraid.'”

Both promises are true and I trust that both will encourage you to Run to Win!


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