Thankful for Friends

Jonathan said to David, “Go in peace. We have promised by the Lord that we will be friends.” 1 Samuel 20:42 (NCV)

My heart is full of gratitude for the friends God has blessed me with through the years. Men and women with whom it’s a joy to be with. We may be just having a cup of coffee telling stories and laughing. At other times we have been there for one another during the inevitable dark moments of life as well. My wife said it best this morning, “a friend is someone I can call at 2:00 AM and they say I will be there.”

Many of my friends come from completely different backgrounds than mine. Those backgrounds are racial, geographic, political, educational, economic, and international. Some of my best friends were my mentors. Equally some of my best friends are people that I mentored.

A friend of mine who achieved National Success and it is one of the most productive and creative people I know, stunned me when he introduced me to an audience of several thousand by saying, “Dennis Clanton, is my mentor and friend.” I never though of our friendship like that. Later they explained why. Trust me we are from two different worlds. City and country; wealth and neither poor but not wealthy; professional family and a farming family, Christian background, non Christian background, outstanding athlete and non athlete. We’re the best of friends.

David and Jonathan were from two different worlds. David was a shepherd. Jonathan was a prince. David was a poet warrior. Jonathan was the presumptive king after his father. Their friendship was bound up in their mutual faith in the Lord. That promise “by the Lord” was more than an oath. It was made in faith that through the good and bad there friendship would hold and bless their descendants.

In a world of digital and virtual friends, give God thanks for the flesh and blood friends who will be there for you at 2:00 AM. Build those friendships by being that friend to someone. Don’t wait for a friend to show up. Look around you who seems to share an interest that you have. Invite them into your world. Take your time about opening up. Friendships aren’t made overnight. It takes time to get to know and trust one another.


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