Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

This evening 43 years ago Becky and I exchanged our wedding vows before God, the pastors, our families and friends. I still remember choking up and trying to sing to her when the rear doors of the sanctuary opened and there she stood, radiating pure beauty! My hands are trembling now remembering that moment in time. I loved her then, I love her so much more now.

We had prepared the best we knew how, prayerfully, reading books, seeking counsel, and honoring God and one another. There was complete joy and confidence for our future as we looked into one another’s eyes and said, “I do!” Her eyes were shimmering pools that drew me. She took my heart and eyes and she has never given them back.

It has been a wonderful life as Becky said to me this morning! Four children, two beautiful daughter in laws, three grandsons, a fruitful ministry, and so many friends later. We have traveled the world sharing God’s love. We have been blessed with so many good friends through the years. God’s people have been so good to us! Yes, yes, I’d do it all over again with you, Becky!

Here are 43 reasons why I love you so!

  1. Your love for God.
  2. Your faith in God.
  3. The wonderful way you rest in God’s love. I have learned so much from you about loving God and resting in God’s love.
  4. Your love for me.
  5. Your touch.
  6. You are loving.
  7. You are tender.
  8. You are strong, really strong.
  9. Your kind.
  10. Your brilliant.
  11. You have loved being a homemaker, but as you remind me you are not a housewife. You married me, not the house. 🙂
  12. You laugh at most of my jokes. You groan at others and save me from embarrassing myself.
  13. You redline my sermons.
  14. You love and serve our church family.
  15. You love and serve those outside Woodland Church in our community.
  16. You are holy.
  17. Your purity.
  18. Your pure heart.
  19. You don’t listen to gossip. Woe to those who insist on trying to share gossip with you.
  20. People’s names and confidences are safe with you.
  21. You love the Bible!
  22. You are the most generous person I know.
  23. Your self control.
  24. Your patient.
  25. You’re beautiful!
  26. You’re beautiful inside as well.
  27. Your love for our children.
  28. Your willingness to stay home with our children and teach them. They can all read, write, and have achieved because you laid the academic foundation for them.
  29. Your dreams.
  30. You love beauty.
  31. You see beauty where I don’t sometimes. You have taught me to look at life with a single focus.
  32. Your artistic.
  33. The way you play the piano with passion. I can sit for hours and listen.
  34. Your courage.
  35. Your resilience.
  36. Your honesty.
  37. Your playfulness.
  38. Your joy.
  39. Your peace.
  40. Your confidence.
  41. Your passion for life.
  42. Your discipline.
  43. Your focus.
  44. Your trust.
  45. Your sacrificial lifestyle.
  46. Your stewardship.
  47. Your frugal.
  48. Your extravagant.
  49. You’re a worshipper.
  50. You’re a intercessor, always praying for others.
  51. You’re an example for others.
  52. You’ve been a mentor to many.

Okay, that was more than 43. The reasons just keep coming. I love you! Here’s to 43 more and a beautiful night!


6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

  1. What a beautiful tribute to Becky. I am sure she has wonderful things to say about you. What a beautiful marriage you have. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  2. God has blessed your marriage richly. He has also blessed us with you and your family these last 15 years? Debbie and I love you both and have learned many important biblical lessons from your sermons over the years too. I pray you have many many more blessed years together in love.

  3. Thank you. Just visited your site. I laughed when I figured out love bugs. Really liked it. Going to college in Florida, love bugs were a nuisance sticking all our cars. Thanks again for your comment. Blessings!

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