Things I Wish I had Known Before I Married #1

This is one reply from many I received from a question I posed, “What do you wish you knew before you got married?”

How much work it would take to grow, change together, and stay in love with life happening everyday and marriages failing around you.

engagement rings on BibleThat reply reflects the wisdom of experience from a couple that daily work at building a great marriage. They have discovered that it takes more than falling in love to stay in love. Falling in love is great! It’s not that hard though; you can fall into a ditch! Falling in love is actually easy to do and it’s wonderful. We must learn to grow in our love with one another.

The person who doesn’t grow in love remains in death.” (1 John 3:14, GW)

John uses love for one another in the body of Christ to represent the life of Christ in us. Healthy people grow. Healthy people grow in love and the life in their marriage grows as a result. We grow in friendship, intimacy, conversation, interests, and faith if we learn to show grace, give forgiveness and be patient with one another. The best way to do that is to grow in the knowledge and application of God’s Word together.

Work? Sure.

Rewarding? Absolutely.

Joy? Abundantly!

Tomorrow – Growing Together



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