Saturday and Boiled Peanuts!

I love Michigan Saturdays in the Autumn. The mornings are spent kind of wrapping up my week and making final preparations for Sunday. Then its Georgia Football, usually a slow run in the park enjoying the Fall colors and then 6:00 PM prayer at Woodland Church. If there is one thing I miss, however, it’s boiled peanuts! With the exception of my family, I’ve not met anyone in Michigan that really enjoys them. The expressions range from, “I guess its an acquired taste” to that looks that says, “I can’t believe I put that in my mouth.” Oh, my Michigan friends loved parched peanuts. If you have been raised in South, it’s just not the same. I believe God made peanuts to be boiled in salty hot water.

So I find myself wishing that I could sit down today with a big bowl of boiled peanuts, sweet iced tea and watch the Dawgs and Gators play. I think I’ll go to the Cracker Barrel and buy some Moon Pies!

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