Praying Confidently and Childlike

Jesus said, “When you pray, say: Father…” Luke 11:2

My grandson and I were eating pancakes together when he looked at me and said, “Papa, will you buy me a helicopter?” Thinking he meant a toy that we could buy in the gift shop of the restaurant, we’d look after breakfast. He waves his hands over his head and replies emphatically “No, a real Army helicopter!” His big blue eyes misted when I told him that I couldn’t do that.

Attack helicopter

Since then I’ve laughed and at the same time prayed that his faith in God would grow and grow. There is nothing impossible for God.

When you come to God in prayer pray like a confident child. Your Father in heaven loves you and you know that. God hears you because He loves you. When you know that, you pray confidently. His answers are wise, loving and on time.

In verse one of Luke 11, Jesus said, don’t babble on; prayers aren’t answered because of many words. You don’t have to plead and cajole. In other words don’t be childish, be childlike, trusting your Father. You can trust because your faith is built on the rock solid work and message of Jesus Christ.

Your possibilities are unlimited in Christ! Tonight pray knowing that you are loved!

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