Becoming a Blessing

Volunteers needed hand gesture on blue bokehAsking for God’s blessing is both wise and biblical. The greatest blessing is knowing Christ; as matter of fact Christ is the blessing! Today at Woodland we looked at how to be a blessing to others. Our communities, workplace, schools, neighbors need our absolute kindness, mercy, forgiveness, help, honesty and affirmation. God has given us all of this in Christ! As passionate followers of Christ we give freely what we have been given. “God did not keep back his own Son, but he gave him for us. If God did this, won’t he freely give us everything else?” (Romans 8:32, CEV)

This kindness, mercy, forgiveness, help, honesty and affirmation is ours because we belong to Christ! “Everything belongs to you, and you belong to Christ, and Christ belongs to God.” (1 Corinthians 3:22–23, NLT)

So prayerfully, confidently and cheerfully become a blessing to your family, church, school, community and workplace.


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