image 17It’s been a perfect Christmas Day at the Clanton home. The aroma of Ethiopian Coffee brewing and reading your Bible makes for the start of great morning! Our children don’t get up bright and early like they used too. I had to convince one to get up, with him protesting, “Dad its Christmas!” Duh! I cried I was laughing so hard!

It’s one of the special moments about Christmas, having your children and grandchildren home with you. Our three sons, our daughter and daughter in law and two grandsons added to all the joy we have in Christ.

The sun was shining in Michigan today and really it felt like Christmas in Dixie!

I read a truncated version of the Christmas story because two toddlers were ready for presents! We prayed and got down to the serious business of passing out presents. Nolan was my helper until he got the Avengers Legos that Becky and I bought him. Then he quit!

Becky and I watched our children open their gifts. It’s a special moment that every parent can relate to. We keep looking at one another thinking, “for this we prayed.” There were lots of laughs and lots of “oohs, ahhs, wow and thank-you!” I love it. I love my family and live with so much gratitude for God’s goodness in giving me the life and years to enjoy them!

Although, I received some very special gifts, the funniest one was this. Andrew had sent me a book about guns for my birthday. He sent it to the church. Becky thought it was something I had ordered for him and put it back for Christmas. She wrapped it and put it under the tree for him. When he opened them, he started laughing and said, “Dad, really!”

“What?” I asked him.

“I gave you this for your birthday!”

“I’ve never seen those.”

Becky said, “those are your Daddy’s? It was on my desk and I thought he ordered them for you as a Christmas present. So I wrapped them and put them back for you.”

Andrew then handed them to me and said, “Happy Birthday Dad!” Thankfully we had other gifts for him.

We were all laughing!

Becky cooked our traditional Ginger Pancake with Lemon Syrup and Sausage this morning. Now, the chef, Rebekah, forbade me to touch the turkey sausages in the skillet with that look on her face. Andrew walks in grabs a link and says, “This is good Mom!” “You like it!” she says. Moms and their boys!

We feasted, laughed and talked. Without thinking I gave the boys a bran muffin. Later, they are calling, “PAPA!!!” I really didn’t mean to.

We’ve played with our grandsons and the boys and I played a strategy game together. Throughout the day I’ve enjoyed receiving text messages of love and Christmas greetings. I am truly a blessed man!

Thanks for taking time to share some of my Christmas memories with me. Merry Christmas!


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