God wants to restore what Satan has stolen!


This morning we worshipped at Faith Assembly of God in Orlando after participating in this year’s General Council.  Pastor Jim Cymbala, from the Brooklyn Tabernacle preached this morning.  He introduced his wife, Carol, who directs the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.  Her music and choir has won nine Grammys.  She can’t read or write music.  She has said, “I can sit down and play my music, but if you give me a sheet of my music to read and play, I can’t do it.”  He said, “She really doesn’t know what to do.” Whatever, keep on doing it Carol!

His message was from 1 Samuel 30 of how God helped David recover what the enemy had stolen. Read the chapter to get it.  But here are a few thoughts from the message.

  1. Satan wants to steal from you.  Jesus said, the devil was a thief.  It’s what he does, he steals.
  2. When David’s men returned and saw that the enemy had burned down the city, stolen their families and livestock, they turned on David.  People want to blame someone, so they often turn on their leaders, rather than recognize the real source of their trials.
  3. David found his strength in the Lord.  He sought God for an answer, by asking two questions.  Should I go after them? Will I overtake them?  Find your strength in God.  Ask Him for His help.  He wants to help you recover what Satan has stolen from you!
  4. Satan wants to steal your first love for Christ, your marriage, your children and grandchildren.  Billy Graham spends his final days praying for his children and grandchildren.

It was refreshing for our family to attend church this morning and worship together.  It was good to see old friends this morning in Orlando.  I’m grateful for the gift of wonderful pastors who provide care and oversight of our ministries at Woodland, while I am away.

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