Lord Teach Us to Pray

From Alexander Whyte, Lord Teach Us to Pray

IMG_0098“And, then, He has appointed special times, and special places, and special circumstances, and special accompaniments of prayer: at which times, in which places, and amid which accompaniments and circumstances He will be specially present, and will in an especial manner set Himself before you.  Seize those golden, but irrecoverable opportunities; seize them so that He shall never be able to say to you that He never knew you.  His own word, for one. Never open the New Testament till you have said to yourself: “Now, O my soul, let us proceed no further till we have set Him of Whom we are now to read before us!”  Never hear a chapter of the Gospel read without seeing, as if you had been there, all that is read about.  Be for the time, in Bethlehem, and in Nazareth, and in Galilee, and in Jerusalem, and in the Garden, and on Golgotha, and on Olivet.  Never see His Name even in pen or pencil, and never hear His Name in a sermon, or in a psalm or prayer, without seeing His face at the same time and falling down before Him.  And when you are in your own place of prayer, do not be in a hurry to get on with your prayer and to get done with it.  If need be, he can make the sun stand still to give you time to pray.  Never kneel without at the same time shutting your eyes on all earthly things, and setting God on His Throne in Heaven, and Jesus Christ in His intercession before you.  Take time.  It is lost time to speak to the wall.  Take time till you are quite sure that you have His ear.  Be silent till you have something to say. And then, say it not into the air, but into the ear and the heart of Jesus Christ.  For He has an ear and a heart too, and they are both, if you like, open to you.”

Alexander Whyte, Lord Teach Us to Pray, Chapter 8, pp. 100-101,



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