The Difference – Advent 3

I’m fortunate.  Every Christmas in my memory has been a good one: a merry one.  Pondering the birth of Christ and His Second Coming so far has deepened my love for this wonderful holiday.  My life is so very different because of Christ.  The world we live in so much better because of Christ.

In the morning I will preach the funeral of a man, that just a few days ago, we laughed and swapped stories about life.  Sunday night we were to meet again over dinner and then I was to speak to a group of his friends.  Tonight because of Jesus he is at peace with our risen Savior.  This Christmas his family grieves his death, but with hope.  Tonight I’ve been writing with a mix of sorrow, peace and joy that only Christ can give for the funeral in the morning.  You can’t help but consider your own mortality at times like this.  There is peace and joy for my family, our church and myself because Christ has come.  Sin has been forgiven.

Our world, even though groaning in anguish, is a far better place because of Christ.  His coming not only caused a heavenly host to rejoice, but changed the hearts of people.  For passionate followers of Christ, the planet is garden to be tended and cared for, people matter because of the image of God stamped upon us, and justice is as important as devotion.  Peace is ours in our hearts and one another if we will only embrace it.  The curse of sin is broken, for all who will embrace Christ’s atonement.

It makes me long for Christ’s second advent!  I can only imagine what it will be like.  My friend sees what I can only dream about!  Come quickly Lord Jesus!

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