I’m Voting for …

God gives us principles in the Scripture that help us elect our leaders.  Who will be the best choice, to lead our nation in justice, peace and goodness, only God know.  So we have to study those biblical principles for ourselves.  Then we have to study the information provided to us by candidates, watch the debates and combine those biblical principles and cast our votes prayerfully.

After thinking frequently about the long term consequences of this election and considering the impact of Mitt Romney’s potential election to the highest political office in our land, I’ve decided to cast my vote for him.

I believe that Mitt Romney has a track record and is better prepared for repairing and setting America’s fiscal house in order.  President Bush and President Obama increased the national debt to astronomical levels.  We are spending more than we take in as a nation at a staggering rate.  If our financial house is set in order and entitlements curtailed, expenses trimmed and revenue increased, this will stimulate job creation and provide greater economic and national security.

Romney wants to keep all of President Bush’s tax cuts and President Obama wants to keep them for the middle class.  Of President Bush’s tax cuts, 65% went to the wealthiest 20% of Americans.  So we have to ask ourselves what entitlements will he cut, what tax deductions will he discard in order to pay for his promises.  For instance Romney wants to increase defense spending by 2.2 trillion dollars over the next decade.

This is a moral consideration, not just ink on a spreadsheet.  I support a strong national defense and presence in the world.  It’s important to understand the geopolitical implications of our nation’s military presence on free trade for all nations and suppression of violence.

Romney will insist on consistency, fair play and parity with China.

Romney is pro-life.  I don’t expect him to overturn Roe v. Wade, but is expected to nominate Supreme Court justices that would overturn Roe v. Wade and return the issue to the states.

Romney supports traditional marriage as defined between one man and one woman.

Romney supports parental rights in education.  Parents are responsible for the education of their children.  A one size does not fit all.  Home schooling, school choice, tech schools, private schools, public schools and charter schools should be the prerogative of the parents.

I like Romney’s approach to energy independence.

Romney opposes the use of taxpayer’s funds in human embryonic stem cell research.

Romney supports you, me, churches, institutions like colleges and hospitals from violating their moral and religious beliefs.  It’s interesting to me that Romney is closer to revealed Biblical principles of marriage and life than the President and his professed evangelical belief.

Frankly, in many ways I voting against the policy ideas that the President and Democrats have championed.  Before I list a couple of them, I commend the President

  • for proceeding with the war against terrorism
  • for keeping Gitmo open
  • for stopping prosecution of some young immigrants who meet certain criteria
  • for his care for the uninsured
  • increasing support for veterans
  • tightening sanctions on Iran
  • signing the Credit card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act
  • shunning scandal
  • his response to the Gulf Oil Spill
  • loving his wife and daughters

Among the conclusions I arrived at was my work and life will be less hampered by the Federal government.  The President along with the Democrats insist that the Catholic institutions like hospitals pay for services that they believe are morally evil.  Thus the government hinders freedom of worship.

Worship is more than attending a church.  Worship is a wholly dedicated life not a compartmentalized one.  The government is attempting to redefine worship and health.  Even if we disagree with the Catholic position on birth control, sanctity of life is a deeply, sincerely held belief of many Americans, not just Evangelicals and Catholics.

I came to believe the President misled the nation about his position on marriage.  He stated clearly and unequivocally that marriage was between a man and woman to Rick Warren during the wonderful discourse that Warren had with him and John McCain.

This is just a brief post on what I believe are important issues that will affect our families and nation well into the future.  I encourage you to prayerfully consider your vote and study the issues as well as your Bible.  Then cast your vote on who you believe will better lead our nation in peace, justice and goodwill.


In Christ’s love!



4 thoughts on “I’m Voting for …

  1. Pastor, I SO appreciate you sharing words of wisdom and the Godly principles by which we should make such an important decision: voting for our President! I hope & pray that the majority of Americans will seriously consider the moral consequences of
    their choice. I too believe that Mitt Romney is the better choice for the same reasons you listed. Thank you for speaking out and giving reasons for why you believe the way you do! You are a wonderful Pastor & teacher! God Bless You, Day

  2. Thamks Day! I appreciate your encouragement and thoughts. It’s an important election for our children’s future. Blessings!

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