Finding Time to Do What You do Best

“Do what you do best,” I was told by a coach today.  He asked me how I was doing with the skills he had taught me.  I’m grateful for his interest and coaching.  One bit of advice stood out.  Everything that keeps you from doing what you do best and uniquely for your congregation, you must delegate to someone who can do it at least 70% as well as you can.

He reminded me that I can only do so much in a week.  That one statement, as simple as it sounds, was my “aha moment” today.  Using my time and energy well pursuing  God’s purpose for my life is wise and fulfilling.  What is it that you must accomplish in a week and observe your weekly Sabbath?  How do you protect your family time?  Do you schedule personal time for your personal growth and development?

Bringing others along side, teaching them how, watching them do it, and then letting them do it themselves is the way Jesus taught the disciples.  They learned to do what Jesus taught and trained them to do.  Who are you teaching and showing how to do what you do best?

What do you do best?

How much can you realistically accomplish in a week and observe a weekly Sabbath?

Who are you mentoring?

Grace and Peace to You in Christ!

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