Increased Potential

I’ve have always been very proud of my wife and her accomplishments.  Yesterday, I was deeply moved by the faith, dignity and beauty she demonstrated in her Mother’s Day Message, “Increased Potential.”  This afternoon a young woman from our congregation, told me, with her hand over her heart, “Becky’s message touched me deep in my heart.”

If you ever wonder about the basket God has given you, think Food Network’s Chopped, ( you must download her message from Woodland Church’s website, when it is posted tomorrow.  Just click the Listen Button on the left hand side of the website.

Her text was Isaiah 49:1-7

God Created You Intentionally

  1. Accept the Challenge.
  2. Evaluate the Situation.
  3. Tackle the Task.
  4. Enjoy the results.

What’s in your basket?

What can you do with its contents by faith?

How will you tackle the challenge?

Are you willing to wait on God for the results?


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