Civility begins with Humility

First a confession, I think the passion of a skilled debate is healthy to the political process. Further, I think it is necessary to a healthy government. Probing the arguments for weaknesses and flaws, watching a candidate’s verbal and non-verbal responses in the give and take is all part of the democratic process.

To do so productively takes genuine humility. A humility to challenge the position while respecting your opponent. A humility to recognize that good people can disagree on issues and take a different stand on issues than you do. A humility to know that others are just a committed to their position as you are yours. A humility to evaluate your position as well as your opposition’s. A humility to forecast 20 to 30 years out what your position’s effects will be. A humility to attempt to communicate beyond a cerebral level only but to desire to touch the heart. Finally a humility to decide which issues should be focused on most.

Humility is integral part of solid character and God is far more interested in character than any office. Think about it!


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