Family Vision

Benjamin flew Friday home from for Fall break.  It’s been fun having him back home.  We’ve enjoyed laughing hearing about his experiences and just being together.  He’s doing great and enjoying his leadership practicum.  He’s shared some creative ideas from his experiences.  It’s inspiring and rewarding to have these kind of conversations with your children.  We’ve been so blessed and our children have given us so much joy.  This week I want to write about some wisdom from the Bible about children.

In the years before our children were born Becky and I were able to develop a clear vision from the Scriptures for our family.  We enjoyed dreaming, talking and writing down our thoughts together.  There were wise couples who kindly shared thought thoughts about parenting and a Biblical vision for family.  At the time I don’t think we recognized what a gift that was to us.

The Bible says in Proverbs 29:18, “Without prophetic vision people run wild, but blessed are those who follow God’s teachings.” (GW)

An individual, a family, community or nation will discover happiness and blessing through faith and obedience to the Scriptures given to us by God.  God’s gift of children and the responsibility that comes with that gift also includes His wisdom and insight about raising healthy children.  Discovering and submitting to His wisdom is our responsibility.  Conversely if the prophetic vision of the Scriptures are ignored or disobeyed rebellion and confusion soon follow.

Long before the many books about vision and leadership became popular God had given us His Word to bless us with vision to build our homes upon.  The courage, sacrifices and love of many witnesses, martyrs, translators, and teachers to pass down this wisdom to us makes the glitzy book tours of contemporary authors seem shallow.  And unlike some of the modern authors this wisdom doesn’t change, it’s timeless and true.

Do you have a clear Biblical vision written down for your family?

Love, peace and joy!



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