Monday Musings

Some random thoughts from over the weekend.


Planning means action.  Action is taking steps to achieve your dream.  I’m thankful for a clear and defined dream for my family and ministry.  We took some further steps this weekend to defining what that would mean for our stewardship this weekend.  It was fun and inspiring to tweak the plan.  It was even more fun to begin implementing our plan.


My son Christopher’s 25th birthday was this weekend.  We’re so proud of him. Chris is a creative and hardworking young man.  He is deeply committed to Christ and His Church.  He is working on his Masters Degree, working hard part time, and taking up the slack Benjamin left when he went to Evangel.  Time really does fly when you’re enjoying life.  Love you, Son!


I read two interesting books last week.  Keeping the Sabbath Wholly by Marva Dawn and Affirming the Apostle’s Creed by J. I. Packer.  I’d recommend them both.


I’m always grateful when people lift their hands at the conclusion of a service to indicate they are committing their life to Christ.  The special arrangement by Pastor Mark of Isaac Watt’s hymn Join All the Glorious Names was beautiful and powerful.  I’m always grateful for one more chance to preach God’s Word.  Sunday morning was no different, our need of God’s forgiveness through Christ and our need to forgive others is truly the key to life.

After the service we enjoyed lots of refreshments and the displays of our various ministries at Woodland.  I especially like the Royal Ranger campsite compete with camp fire, wigwam and chili and hotdogs.  The black powder rifle sounded like a canon when Greg Roy fired it.  The campfire ensured that a steady stream of boys and girls were visiting the site.


A good breakfast on a Saturday morning with a good friend who shares my fondness for   family, good books, ministry, politics, leadership, creation care and good health is always a treat.  Blueberry pancakes were especially good too!

I’m also very fortunate that the members of my board are godly friends who have given me wise counsel as well as their love and support.  I always look forward to our monthly meeting.


I enjoyed Aaron Shust’s cd Anything Worth Saying and Michael Card’s Poiema on my iPod this weekend.  They’re not new but just what I needed this weekend.

The Middle East

It is difficult for me to listen to politicians who want Israel to continue to give up land to their enemies.  The foolishness of land for an agreement without peace is beyond comprehension.  It is like opening the door to the people who want to kill your wife and children.

Republican Presidential Candidates

I really like what Rick Santorum is saying and the way he conducts himself in the debates.  I also like the fact that he working hard from precinct to precinct like a man with a dream.  Herman Cain is cool.  Michelle Bachman, sometimes when she is speaking I agree and other times I think, “ooh, don’t think I’d said that.”  I’m indifferent to Newt, Mitt, Rick, and Jon.  Ron Paul lost me a long time ago.

I’m looking for a candidate with great moral integrity, vision, leadership experience, love for America and it’s Constitution and competence.  The chemistry and charisma to get along with Congress, the Supreme Court and most importantly the Citizens.  Citizen that is a powerful and a loaded word!

The President and Congress

It appears that our leaders aren’t communicating but simply responding to one another’s talking points, lobbyists and handlers.  The nation is in desperate need of courageous leadership and vision for the present and the future.  I’m a social and fiscal conservative but I’m willing to work for a win win.  That means that we both win.  A scorched earth policy is simply not going to work for either party.


Georgia won and Detroit won.  I’m happy.  Could have been better but they’re in the W column.  Side note on baseball felt bad for Verlander not winning his 25th for the Tigers.

Grace, Peace and Joy!

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