Writer’s Block

After my last post on journaling, it was time to take a break from blogging, Twitter, and Facebook.  The times my fingers were on the keyboard there was nothing to write.  I was typing but what was on the screen wasn’t worth reading.  You’ve seen the old movies of a struggling writer tossing sheets of paper from the typewriter in the waste basket with that frustrated look on their face.  My equivalent was the delete key and the onscreen waste basket with that argh expression!

It has made me wonder if I should apologize.  Should you say, “Hey everyone, going to be offline for a few days.”  The Huffington Book on Blogging says you shouldn’t apologize for not posting.  You appreciate folks who take the time to read your blog posts.  Hopefully a few days of not writing will improve what they take time to read.

Just to catch up; I’ve been writing messages, working on reports, finishing an application for a scholarship and taking a writing course.  (You’ll have to be the judge if it helps!)  And of course being Becky’s husband, my kids Dad and pastor to our church.  My life is wonderfully full and rich.  For that I’m grateful.  Just today, I was thinking, how incredibly blessed I am.  I got mail from a friend down South, lunch with good friends here, phone call from my son, a visit from another friend at the office and a fruitful day of ministry.  Now it’s time to for our family devotions, so I’ll look forward to sharing some of what I’ve been reading with you tomorrow and post on Learning to Love.

Peace and Joy!





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