Choosing the Life God’s Blesses

“You’re blessed when you are at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule.” Matthew 5:3, Message

The life filled with more blessings than we can contain is predicated upon choosing the life that God has promised to bless. This blessed life isn’t necessarily a life of comfort and luxury where we are served (Amos 6). Jacob told Pharaoh, his life had been “short and difficult” but there is no question Jacob was blessed.

It’s interesting that Jacob blessed Pharaoh. (Genesis 47) When we live a blessed life simple people of great faith like a nomadic sheepherder is able to bless people of great influence. Never underestimate how God will use you if you choose this life.

Jesus describes this life for us in the Sermon on the Mount. There’s the rub. This life calls for being aware that you and I have a need that is more essential to life than oxygen or water. In this life we mourn over sin rather than laugh at it. It means coming to the end of my rope and desiring God more than anything. So some people desire it but choose not to pursue it. Some people choose to be blessed and others choose not to be.

Sunshine and rain, every thought and step is a gift from God the Creator of us all. But for the person who chooses Christ there is life abundant with more than we could ever imagine. Choose life! Choose Christ!

Tomorrow – Possessing What Can’t be Bought

Peace and Joy!

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