Blessing: What God does for you and through you

She was an elderly blind woman sitting on the right hand side of the sanctuary.  I saw her and I knew God was going to heal her.  Don’t ask me to explain it.  You just have to know that God does that sort of thing because He is good and loving.

After I finished speaking that night, I didn’t say anything, I just waited.  Someone escorted her to the altar, I prayed a very simple prayer with her and God blessed her with sight.  The memory even now brings a smile to my face.

Two weeks later, in Atlanta, I called the pastor and inquired about her.  Yes, he rejoiced, she could see clearly and was telling everyone what God had done for her. Wouldn’t you?

A blessing has two dimensions.  It is something God does for you and through you.  God healed this woman (blessing) I was just fortunate enough to have that nudge from him, that he was going to heal her.  So I prayed with her.

Once Abraham, a nomadic shepherd, was used of God to rescue his nephew and his family, along with many other people, their goods and livestock.  God defeated Abraham’s enemies by using Abraham’s courage and faith.  He was not a soldier or nobleman.  A king by the name of Melchizedek recognized what happened.  “Blessed be God Most High, who has defeated your enemies for you.” Genesis 14:20a

Abraham may have never seen himself as a warrior.  We know he struggled with fear of powerful people.  However, a time came when he recognized God was bigger than his fear.  God would bless him despite his fears.  God would overcome his enemies.

  1. What do you see tonight?
  2. What kind of potential, possibilities, or blessings do you believe that God will give to you and through you?

Don’t underestimate God’s blessings for you and through you.  Seek God for his blessings.  More importantly seek God to bless through you and make you a blessing.  You’ll be amazed at how God will use you.  Ask the Lord to open your eyes to the unlimited possibilities around you.  We can’t heal anyone, but we know the One who can!

Peace, joy and love!

Tomorrow: Blessing Comes with Responsibility

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