Giving Trust

Christopher stood on the side of the pool. He was five years old, blond hair, blue eyes and nervous. I’m saying to him, “Jump in! I’ll catch you.” He studies the water, he studies me and stands there wanting to jump but he was thinking.

“Christopher, trust me.” He leaps and we are laughing and splashing. He wants to do it again. I put him on the side and he jumps over and over and we keep laughing.

Trust is wonderful. It is gift so appreciated by the one who receives it and the one who gives it. It’s sought by those who want you to trust them. It is sought by those who are looking for someone to trust. Many of the conversations that I have in someway or another involve a significant level of trust.

It’s significant that trust has to be extended before trust is returned. It’s a risk. It’s a risk that typically is rewarded by reciprocated trust. It’s difficult to do, especially if you don’t trust yourself. It’s another reason why integrity is so important. When you compromise your integrity, you know. Something inside of you begins to wither. That something is trust in yourself.

When you know that you are trustworthy, it’s easier to trust others. You’re not gullible. Integrity has it’s own reward of growing discernment.

When trust is established, impossibilities become possibilities.

Study the possibility, study the one you are going to place your trust in, after you’ve thought it through, make the leap. Enjoy the leap, the experience and laugh loudly!

Who do you trust?
Do you trust yourself?
How have you established trust in yourself and others?

Peace and Joy!

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