Actions and Roles

Defining roles is fundamental to my life management.  Stephen Covey recommends seven roles, that doesn’t work for me.  It’s not a bad idea, it’s just not workable for my life.  Actually you may discover you have more roles.  Anyway, develop the outcomes for each role you identify in life.  You may have eight or nine.

To discover these outcomes,  think with faith (the Bible is my source of theology, values and ethics), think life time, think eternal results and think with big faith about each role in your life.

What are your responsibilities, strategies, principles you will live by in each role?  I know this require some thought and time.  Trust me this is one of the best personal/professional exercises you could do.  Your roles are important to your family, your employers/employees/shareholders, church and yourself.  Once you define these roles calendar planning and time management is simplified.  Your short-term action plans are those concrete actions you must do to realize your successful outcome in each life role.

Keep your action plan with your calendar.  One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was check your calendar every day, even if you have an assistant manage it for you.  On your calendar you will plan time for the action items step by step.   Keep a journal of your ideas, thoughts and actions in each role.  This brings it all together for me.  Because I use my roles as a guideline for prayer daily.  As I pray for the people I am responsible for, the congregation I serve as a pastor for example, I prayerfully review the outcomes and plans.  We all know life brings changes.  Changes have affected my action plans but not my roles.

Tomorrow deciding on what actions you’ll take.

Peace and Joy!

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