What I’m Reading for Pleasure

Ah, Friday.  Most weeks its my day off.  Today, has been extra special.  I enjoyed spending some quality time reading a couple of books that I could relax with.  I enjoy biographies and mysteries just to read for pleasure.  I’m not making notes or looking up anything unless I want to.  Sometimes its easy to forget just how enjoyable a book can be when you don’t have to look up a technical term, a historical event or a complex argument.  When I’m reading someone’s life story or a good mystery its like everything else disappears and I’m there in the moment.

On Friday, I read for recreation, since my reading during the week is pretty intense.  I’ve always loved biographies.  The first one I ever read was about Davy Crockett and I’ve been hooked since.  Currently I’m reading a biography of Augustine, AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO by Peter Brown.  I’ll do a review of it in October.

I’m also reading the Pastoral Epistles in the New Testament.

Fortunately all of our children are readers too.  There are books in each of their rooms.  Our oldest son and his wife live out-of-state.  The first thing I saw when I walked into their home was a bookshelf full of books.  One of sons says he doesn’t enjoy reading, but his room is full of books.  Frequently when I step into his room to chat, he is reading.  It’s an assigned book he says.   One of his other sayings is, “if the book is worth reading they’ll make a movie out of it.”

Peace and Joy!

One thought on “What I’m Reading for Pleasure

  1. Dear Pastor,
    Recreational reading is fabulous. That is one of the issues I was just contemplating recently, the difference between reading and studying. It is a great feeling to be able to just sit and go through a book for the sake of going through it. Versus studying, where after a while I realize that if I’m not careful I have distracted myself from my original intent. I often find my mind wandering off subject if I start to learn something that grabs more interest, by looking up unknown words I suddenly realize that I have changed topics and need to go back and start over again!
    Having a mind that wanders so much is great to seek lots of knowledge, yet also its own downfall. That’s why I often enjoy reading to just simply enjoy it! Unfortunately both of my daughters would agree with your sons statement “if it’s worth reading I’ll just wait for the movie”.
    One of the books I am currently enjoying is Playing it Straight by David Dodd. Also part of the wandering mind problem, I get distracted so easy that I often find myself in 2 or 3 books at a time.

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