Detroit 2010

In a few minutes we will be heading out for the closing event of Detroit 2010!  Students from across America have come to our city this year.  Someone said, “everyone is running from Detroit, we have run to Detroit to share the love of Christ!”  These students have served across the city from cleaning parks to entertaining children.  Thousands have participated in the Fine Arts Festival.  Tonight the best of the best will perform musically, acting, singing, speaking and much more.

I have to tell you, I am always amazed as I watch these young folk perform.  Last night, I gasped as one group acrobatically performed a video representing a Bible story.  How can they fall that far without hurting themselves?  I hurt just thinking about it!

A police officer told me yesterday how great these kids have been!  Can you imagine fourteen thousand students downtown and smiling police officers?

More tomorrow!

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