Working Lunch

This afternoon the pastoral team ate lunch at our favorite Arabic restaurant.  Amani’s Restaurant is one of those places that delivers what you hope for.  Good food, value and a pleasant dining experience.  A pastor from another church, joined us for lunch.  Six hungry men.  We ordered a dinner for four.  The food is always delicious!  The best part is the bread under the piles of meat.  Probably not good for you but mmmmm!  Lamb, chicken, beef, peppers, tomatoes, saffron rice, humus, bread all for under $7 apiece.  Lot’s of laughter and few leftovers.  You know its good when grown men are walking out of the place going, “I’m stuffed but it was so good.”

We talked baseball.  Pastor Rick was really trash talking our guest about his favorite team.  (the Pirates)  We talked ministry, farming (really) and then the food came.  Quiet.

Loved it!

I’m open for any suggestions for good restaurants.  Got any?

Peace and Joy!

4 thoughts on “Working Lunch

  1. Yum Arabic food! I used to like to go to LaShish before they got closed down for supporting terrorists. If you guys are in the mood for some good Chinese try out New China Inn on Northline just west of Fordline in Southgate.

  2. When I lived Downriver I would always love to go to Bangkok 96 on Telegraph Rd in Dearborn. Awesome Thai food…if you can handle the spicy stuff 🙂

  3. Ryan, that’s another one of my favorites. I don’t do the 5 stars but, they have a ginger chicken with black mushrooms at 3 stars that is delicious!

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