Today at Woodland

Walking into the Sanctuary at Woodland this morning I stepped into the presence of God.  You could see it in the faces of those who were singing with their hands lifted high.  There was pure joy!  The music, the fellowship, the wish to be God’s hands of love to Haiti, was refreshing and encouraging but their was something else.  God’s presence to change and give you a fresh start, all to His glory!

I couldn’t help but lift my hands in joyous surrender to God’s love as we worshipped.  When Dan Drouillard began to sing, “Now with confidence, I come in humbleness, How I long to hear from you”  anticipation filled my heart.  Today was extra special.  And both morning services were!  Six people made decisions to follow Christ.  Please remember to pray for them as they begin a new life in Christ.

“Because of who you are

I can live with hope

Knowing that you’ll always be

God of all my dreams

Everything I want to be

Is found in you”

Today’s message was the Secret of Confidence.

1. Become God’s Partner

2. Share your life with others

3. Stand up for truth

4. Live generously

Our confidence is rooted deeply in reality.  Christ died for our sins in order that we might be restored to God.  Never forget he that has begun a good work in us will continue that work and finish it.  That’s a promise!

Peace and Joy!

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