Christmas Goals (part one)

Goals are important to me.  They compel me, help me to focus, even if I am not always thinking about them.  They help me say no to the distractions or temptations.

Here are some of my goals for a Merry Christmas.

My number one goal this Christmas is to pull away several times a day to listen reflectively to the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit from the Scriptures.  Of course I believe the Bible is the inspired (God breathed) Word of God.  I want to breathe in that atmosphere.

Secondly I want to slow down from the rush of Christmases past and be with my wife and children and our friends.

Third I want to silence the voice of those who are saying stand in line several hours, camp out at the doors of our stores to save $$$ on something.  Why not save $$$, gas, time, and strength, by using the internet?  Last year my gift purchases were all online, at a deep discount and on time delivery.  Okay, I know some of you love to shop.  Go for it.

Fourth I will listen to my favorite Christmas CDs.  Last year my favorite was Yo Yo Ma’s Sounds of Joy and Peace.

Tomorrow I share my favorite Christmas CD’s and more of my goals.

Peace and Joy!

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