Time to Talk

I read Robert Frost’s Poem, A Time to Talk earlier today.  Frost’s message is that your labor will always be calling, but when your friend calls take time to walk to the fence for a friendly visit.

Life has so many voices calling, that our days are plotted on PDA’s, Outlook, or a paper planner.  It can be difficult to make time to talk, if time is not made for work.  The whole point of my calendar is to free me for the time in the evening for family and friends.

Tonight Ben and I took a walk in the misty weather and for a mile and half he talked.  I drank it in.  My son is talking to me, telling me stories.  A friend calls me on the phone later to tell me another story.  Another friend makes time to eat lunch with me today and tells me a wonderful story.

Last week a pastor friend  told me the most marvelous story of God’s healing his granddaughter.  It’s a story I keep thinking about.  I’ll share it with you later this week.  But back to the point.  Take time to talk.

Well, it was time for our family devotions and we logged on to the website we use and imagine my surprise when the devotional featured Frost’s poem tonight.  The point was give attention to God, family and friends.  Faith, family and friends.  I think God has been speaking to my family and me.

Want to talk?

Peace and Joy

2 thoughts on “Time to Talk

  1. We use Youth for Christ’s daily devotional website. They have good stories, corresponding biblical passage, discussion questions and application points. Enjoy your Sabbatical.

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