Canteens and Paczki Day

Pastor Mark spoke for our weekly staff devotions today and used a canteen for an illustration.  The analogy was great.  God determines the size of our canteen, which determines how much water we can contain.  Secondly God puts water in to be drank and then refills the canteen.  Third it’s not the size of the canteen that is important, but the function.  If you need a drop of water on a slide then a gallon canteen or water tanker is not appropriate.

Be confident about your potential in Christ.  Don’t compare your life (canteen) someone else.  Gratefully use what has been given you.  God has a way of doubling back to you what you use for his glory.

paczki-dayWe went to Hamtramck for lunch since it was Fat Tuesday.  In the decade that I have lived in the Metro Area this was first for me.  The bakeries had lines of people standing out the door and around the corner to purchase Paczkis.  These deep fried fruit filled, cream filled or jelly filled grease bombs are mmmm!  I only ate one.  Apricot with good strong coffee to wash it down. 

For lunch we ate at a packed out Polish Restaurant with a bunch of happy people and especially happy restaurant owners.  I am fortunate to “do life” with a great team of pastors who dream big and work hard.  We enjoy each other’s company and challenge one another with Woodland’s DREAM.  When I reflect on our meal sitting shoulder to shoulder in a crowded lunch restaurant eating homemade Polish food it is easy to understand why so much of Jesus’ ministry was table ministry.

I pray that you are experiencing a life that is full of God’s living water, content with God’s blessings, friends that you do life with in the knowledge that all of life is sacred.  The Bible says, “Be content with you have, because God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.'” Hebrews 13:5 (NIV)

Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit unto you!

4 thoughts on “Canteens and Paczki Day

  1. Paczkis. Thank God fat Tuesday only comes once a year. I’ll be paying for Tuesday at the gym for the rest of the week. Yes Pastor, we are truly blessed with the great pastoral staff at Woodland. Such a good feeling walking into the building on Sundays. Friends everywhere.

  2. “When God’s work is done in God’s way for God’s glory, it will never lack God’s supply” -J. Hudson Taylor

    I’m blessed to be part of the team!!

  3. Mike you have lost so much weight already I think you can handle it! We are fortunate and blessed with a church like Woodland.

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