Walking in the Snow

dsc006571This afternoon I bundled up and went for a walk.  It’s a nice sound when the snow crunches beneath your feet.  It’s even better when the sun is shining brightly and the wind is calm.  With the bright sunshine and brisk pace it was a nice walk.

Snow Covered Pines



One thought on “Walking in the Snow

  1. I’m proud of you Pastor! Like a true Michiganian, you are enduring the weather like a real trooper. Most of us are sitting at home in our nice warm recliners about now. Myself (sad to say)included. Those are some really nice pictures you have posted. This really is a beautiful state in the winter. Maybe some of those folks down south would be jealous of you when they see what you expierience so often here in our state. 🙂 Nah…I guess not.

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