Anticipating Thanksgiving

Rejoice with us! Andrew has returned from Iraq, safely and will meet us in Atlanta to celebrate Thanksgiving. Yea God!! and welcome home, son!! We are so very proud of you! It is difficult to put into words just how we are feeling. The best way to express our thanks to the Lord is bowing in his presence with very grateful hearts and praying for the families whose loved ones didn’t return alive. I’m so very grateful but deeply humbled as well.

It is said that Beethoven struggled because he could hear and write music that he heard in his inner ear that no instrument could reproduce. Sometimes I feel that way with gratitude to Christ. How does one say thanks for all that He has done for us? Surely the best expression is the life we live to his glory and honor in all things.

I also find myself praying that our Iraqi friends will resist tyranny, greed, sectarianism and seize the opportunity to build a free and democratic country. A country where as President Roosevelt said all people should have four basic freedoms. One, freedom to worship. Two, freedom of speech. Three, freedom from want. Four, freedom from fear.

Tonight we will celebrate Thanksgiving with our church family. Chicken and dumplings are on the menu and I’ve been told that the dumplings are Southern style. Mmmm! How am I supposed to present a talk on gratitude if I indulge in dumplings the way I would like to? Oh well, I guess I’ll have to pray that there are some left over.

With a grateful heart to Christ and all who have served to protect these freedoms!

Peace and joy in the Holy Spirit!

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