On Mission!

“He anointed me… He has sent me on a mission…” (Luke 4:16–19, WUEST)

“Just as the Father sent me, I send you.” (John 20:21, Message)

I met an unhappy team of students overseas on a missions trip. It seems their leadership and the organization sponsoring hadn’t really planned a mission. These kids were not there to sight see; their desire was to serve. I understood. 

I’ve led a lot of missions teams and worked with some terrific churches, schools, nonprofits and clinics/hospitals. Each one had a specific vision and mission clearly stated. The expectations, resources and authority required for the mission they provided. When we departed something good, tangible and with eternal benefit was achieved. 

We were sent on a mission that others could build on. 

Each of us have a mission from God. Take note of this, Jesus was sent by the Father and Jesus sends each of his followers. 

What is our mission? Study the life of Jesus. He lived out the mission of the Father. Apply his life choices and teachings to yours. In other words let your life be shaped by Him. 

You’re going to discover who you really are when you’re living missionally. You’ll be you and I will be me. Let me illustrate. One of my great uncles grafted citrus trees. In his back yard grew one citrus tree that bore seven different types of citrus fruit. Each branch drew life from the tree. Each branch bore unique fruit according to what it was. 


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