“How do you know that there is a heaven?”

“How do you know that there is a heaven?”  The question was asked with sincerity but heavy with sad doubts.  My heart is filled with compassion. Part of me is eager to persuade and convince. Biblical and theological convictions throb in my mind.  However, he is incapable of belief, unless it can be proved.  I can’t give him empirical facts.  I can only ask do you believe Jesus would lie?


This is what he said, “There are many rooms in my Father’s house.  I wouldn’t tell you this, unless it was true.  I am going to prepare a place for each of you.” John 14:2, CEV

Jesus told us there is a home in heaven for us.  Revelation 21-22 reveals some incredible mental images that stir our imaginations.  Ponder them and use your imagination.  God gave you your imagination to dream with!

The respect and trust that people around the world give to the words of Jesus amaze me.  Although some will not place their faith in Him as the son of God, his teachings are revered.  Why?  Because everything he has taught us has proven to be true, reliable and comforting.  If we can trust his teachings about love, forgiveness, grace, mercy and generosity, we can rest assured that there is place called heaven.

Peace and Joy!

5 thoughts on ““How do you know that there is a heaven?”

  1. Good word. Since both my parents made that trip in the last 24 months, heaven is more real to me than ever. Love you man. Tim

  2. Hey Tim! Great to hear from you. D.L. Moody said, when you have a loved one in heaven, you have an investment there! Love ya much dear brother!

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