New Year’s Eve

It’s almost unbelievable to me that this year is coming to an end. Life gets faster as you get older, my Dad use to tell me. I didn’t believe it then but now I do. It is possible that life is moving fast due to the fact that life is just simply filled with the blessings of joy and peace.

We are in Georgia celebrating Christmas with family members. Tonight we are with Becky’s side of the family and the grandchildren keep pleading with their grandparents to open the gifts. The cousins are sitting on the floor playing Uno and the adults are talking about family memories and politics. Both sides of our family have really “interesting and rousing political conversations.”

The weather here has been incredible. The days have been sunny and clear with blue skies and in the low 70s. Today it only got up to 67 degrees. šŸ™‚

Well the gifts are about to be passed out by Ho Ho. He is calling for our attention. I will write more tomorrow.

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